It's easy. Pretty Pots comes to you!

1. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

2. We'll come view your space, discuss your personal style and the types of arrangements that can work with your space.

3. We plant the arrangements on-site or deliver to you, along with care instructions.

A few plant care tips:

How often should you water your plants?
• Outdoor plants: during the hot months, water them everyday. Containers should have proper drainage holes. Larger pots don’t need to be watered as frequently as smaller pots. Watering in the morning and evenings are best.

• Indoor plants:  watered sparingly, because many indoor pots do not have drainage holes.

If your plants have...
• Yellowing leaves: usually means overwatering
• Mushrooms growing in your pots: way overwatering
• Brown or wilted leaves: too little water
• Spotting on leaves: sign of pests, such as spider mites

Should you deadhead?
Yes. When flowers become spent it's a good idea to deadhead. This helps them keep blooming longer.